Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Best Day Trip From Delhi

The national capital Delhi is a very interesting place to see in India. Delhi has many faces to show tourists and you will be surprised at the difference you can see between two neighborhoods. Other than the presence of landmarks in Delhi, it has found great popularity with tourists because of its closeness to more prominent tourist destinations.

Agra which is world famous is located just 210 kms away from Delhi. The most romantic place in India, if not the world can be reached in just a couple of hours from Delhi. There are many day trip packages available that can take you comfortably from Delhi to Agra and back. You have to remember that the weather in Delhi and Agra can be called scorching as the temperatures can soar to later forties. While choosing a tour package, ensure that the vehicle you book has good AC facilities and is a comfortable vehicle. You can enjoy Romantic Same Day Agra Tours. This trip is quite affordable and will be one of the crowning highlights of any India tour. The city of Agra is supposed to have founded in 1475 and continued to flourish with many of the Mughal rulers adding monuments to the place. The splendid examples of architecture you can see today in this buzzling city has been added at the time of different empires. The chief contributors were Akbar, Jehangir and Shah Jagan. It is the latter king who is responsible for the world famous Taj Mahal. It is not only the Taj Mahal which makes Agra a must visit destination. There are other important monuments like Agra Fort and the sikandra, also called Akbar’s mausoleum.

Tips For A Memorable Agra Trip

There is no question that Taj Mahal serves as an embodiment of romance and love, but it might not work greatly in your favor if you have to visit the wonder under scorching sun. Remember you have to walk a good distance in the sun without shoes or sandals. Even though carpets are laid out for the benefit of tourists, you will be able to appreciate the romantic beauty of the place if you visit early in the morning. Agra is basically a tourist city, hence there are no dearth of restaurants. If you start early in the day, you will also be able to cover fatehpur sikri which is a mere 25 kms south west of Agra. Each and every one of the monuments you visit in Agra has intricate designs and architecture that can be enjoyed for a long time. Many tour operators will let you customize your trip to your liking as long as you will be able to cover the spots in one day.For Online Visit website all Tour Packages -

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